Travel time #5

With a good nights sleep and a wonderful sunny day, the Taylor family are excited to be on the road again.

The Taylor family emerged from their motorhome. People were busy cleaning up the park, cutting and chipping up any branches or fallen trees. Taking a walk around the park gave the true testimony to how much damage the storm had done. There were campers packing their tents and heading home. The storm was enough for them, they didn’t want to experience that again. They dumped saturatedĀ sleeping bags into garbage bags. Wet clothing was loaded into large garbage bags as well. Tents had been torn apart by the wind, poles were broken into pieces. Some people were unable to even find their tents. They were gone but no one had any idea where they went. It was a sad sight to see.

tent flying - Copy.jpgcleaning up - Copy.jpgtree broken - Copy.jpgcamp site - Copy.jpg

The family made their way back to the motorhome, retrieving lawn chairs they had lost. Packing up and breaking down the outside of the camp was in process. Mom and Aimie went inside to clean the floors, make beds, and put the slide outs back into their travelling place. The girls were ready so they turned on the television and watched the news. The fellas had a couple more things to attend to, then they would be ready to get on the highway heading for the next stop.

ready to leave - Copy.jpg

cleaning - Copy.jpgfold up chair - Copy.jpg

Soon the fellas entered the motorhome, they were very dirty from the mud created by the rain. Foster headed for the shower first, and dad right after him. Foster sat beside his sister and watch the news.Ā  Dad was clean and feeling better. He needed a coffee before leaving. Everyone sat watching the news. The news showed billboard signs laying on the ground, cars in ditches, homes with no rooves. Where the tornado had hit the ground spinning there were only stumps of trees, businesses with no windows, doors, or blown out by the wind roaring through. The highways were open and power crews working tirelessly trying to fix downed power lines. It was a disaster no one wanted to see again.

muddy - Copy.jpghome distroyed - Copy.jpgdevistation - Copy.pngcar - Copy.jpg

It was time to go. Foster sat up front with dad, as they drove to the entrance of the park. Turning right onto the highway they were on their way. Signs of the disaster were very evident everywhere.Ā  After a few hours, the family stopped to stretch and move around some. Mom made some sandwiches to hold everyone over till dinner time. Everyone sat down at the table eating, and talking about the past storm. After lunch was finished Mom tidied up, then the family were on their way once more.

car wreck - Copy.jpg

sandwiches - Copy.jpgimages32ONELI0 - Copy.jpgstretching - Copy.jpg

The weather was so different now. The sun shone as they travelled down the road. Hours passed, and as dinner approached Dad stopped at rest stop along the roadside. Mom prepared dinner, set a beautiful table, put out drinks at each place then brought out the food. She had made mac & cheese, burgers and a cherry pie for dinner. Harriott was a good cook, self-taught of course, she loved to refine each dish just a little bit to enhance the flavour. No one had ever complained about the food, plus no one had died, so she was okay with that. With dinner out of the way, the dishes were done. Dad climbed back into the driver’s seat and they were off again.

burgers - Copy.jpgmac and cheese - Copy.jpgcherrie pie - Copy.png

Dad could see mountains in the distance, but he kept it secret for later on. There was only an hour and a half till they would arrive at the next overnight stop.


The Taylor family pulled into the campground as the sun began to set. There were mountains so close that you could almost reach out and touch them. Dad and Forster went into the office. The staff wore cowboy country clothing and Stetsons on their heads.Ā  “Howdy partner,” a fella said to Foster. The fella wore chaps, blue jeans, a fancy shirt, a big belt buckle, cowboy boots, and a black Stetson. He had a piece of wheat hanging out one side of his mouth, and he wasn’t very tall but very muscular. “Hi there,” Foster said. With check-in finished they came back to the motorhome.

mountian close.jpgcowgirl.pngcowboys.jpg

Foster directed dad to the site and the fellas started to set the camp up. The site they got was facing the mountains. Aimie finally rolled over saying to her mom, “where are daddy and Foster?” “They are outside hooking up the motorhome.” Mom said. Aimie ran to the front window and waved at Daddy and Foster. “Aimie you should go get washed up and comb your hair,” “we are going to go visit the shop near the front gate.” Mom said. Aimie even brushed her teeth and returned with a big smile. Dad came to the door, asking mom if she was ready to go.

waving - Copy.jpgbrush hair'.jpg

All the family made their way to shop. Aimie was the first one to get to the door. Foster helped her open the heavy door, and when Aimie stepped inside, turned to dad and said, “there are cowboys here, are we in the west now?” Dad smiled and started to laugh, he turned around so she could not see him laughing. A cowboy came over to Aimie, “hi missy” he said as he tipped his hat to her. He talked to dad then walked away. “Come on missy,” Dad said. “We have to be on time.” “Why?” Aimie said. “It’s a secret.”

store.jpgcowboy tipping hat - Copy.jpg

They entered a room, and there were many pictures of horses and people riding them. The pictures were for a trail ride, that was happening tomorrow, and the Taylor family was going to be on that ride. Aimie was so excited she could hardly believe her eyes. the Taylors went shopping for all the duds they would need to look western.

wild horses.jpgwild - Copy.pngwild h - Copy.jpg

Tomorrow was the trail ride, everyone was ready to go. There will be lots of fun. I sure hope all things turn out as they should.

To be continued.

Thanks for popping in.

Take care.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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