Travel time #3

Waterpark fun is one way to end your day, as the Taylor family did.

The extra day at the waterpark was a blast. Everyone spent more time in the water than in the motorhome. Mom was thrown into the pool a couple of times more. Aimie and Foster did all the water slides in the park and a few of them a second time. By the time the family went to their motorhome, they were very wrinkled. They were ready for food and a warm place to sleep.

wrinkle one - Copy.jpgwrinkle two - Copy.jpgThe next morning came later than usual, everyone ate breakfast. Then Ron and Harriott drank their coffee outside under the canopy. Foster had scrambled eggs and toast, while Aimie had her favourite cereal, Winnie the Poo puffs. Foster cleared the table did the dishes and went to sit outside with his mom and dad. Aimie changed from her pyjamas to a pretty dress and sandals. Aimie went outside, joining everyone else. Dad had planned a lazy morning with a time for leaving around noon. It was still an hour away so a lazy start to the day was perfect. Sitting around watching people hurl down the water slides was enjoyable enough.

cereal - Copy.jpg

eggs toast - Copy.jpg

Dad and Foster started to unhook the motorhome, putting the levellers away and the got pullouts back into the motorhome. Going to the dump station was a new experience for Foster. Dad showed him what he needed him to do and left the chore up to Foster. Mom came out to see how Foster was doing with his new chore. Foster was throwing up on the ground from the smell, mom made sure he was okay then returned to her seat in the motorhome. Mom told dad about Foster and he just chuckled. ” He will get used to it, hun, don’t you worry so much.” Mom got a soda for Foster and a snack, leaving them in the holder of the passenger seat. Foster climbed into the passenger seat, saying. “How can you handle that smell?” “I threw up four times.”  Dad did not respond, he just gave Foster a high five. “Pick us some drivin’ tunes son!” And they were off on the road again.

dump  - Copy.png

leaving - Copy.jpg

The traffic was minimal, and dad was making great time. At this rate, they would be at their next campground by five o’clock, just in time for dinner. Dad enjoyed Foster’s company, as they mumble back and forth to each other. Mom and Aimie watched a little TV, played a couple games, then had a game of “knock knock whos there?” The space in the motorhome made it feel like being at home. Everything they needed and on wheels. Not a bad deal.

clock - Copy.png

camp site - Copy.jpg

Dad pulled into the next campground and stopped the motorhome, and Foster and dad went inside. After a few minutes, they emerged waving the ticket to their new campsite. Dad had reserved and paid for all their camping stops ahead of time so, all he had to do was go in and get the site ticket. The Fellas hopped in and they were off to find the site. Foster took care of the map, telling his dad where to turn and if their number was on the sign at their dirt road. “This is it!” Foster said, with pride.  Dad drove through the campsite, and Foster went to help dad hook up again. At this rate, Foster would know the motorhome like the back of his own hand.

drive through - Copy.jpg

Mom let the pullouts extend and got busy making dinner for her family. The fellas were famished by the time they came in, and the smell of the food made their stomachs growl. Mom had the food on the table and sat down to enjoy a meal with her children and husband. Mom had made the chicken pot pie with vegetables, mashed potatoes and lemon pie for dessert. And did it taste amazing? Mom thought to herself, “at this rate, I could enjoy this travelling thing.”

dinner - Copy.jpg

When the dinner was done Aimie and Foster cleared the table and did the dishes without being asked. Mom and dad just looked dumbfounded at each other they could not believe what they had witnessed. Dad signalled a thumbs up to mom and she winked back. Their children were growing up. Mom went over and asked, “can I help with anything?” “No,” Aimie said, and mom turned to go sit outside with dad. “Thanks, guys, love you.”

dishes - Copy.jpg

Dad was starting up a campfire, while mom stared into the flames. She was somewhat captivated by the fire. Soon the children plopped down in chairs by the fire pit. Foster asked, “what is the plan for tomorrow?” Dad said, “I was thinking of renting bikes and take a trail ride to the next campground, that has an ice-cream parlour.” Aimie’s eyes lit up as she said, “Yum, I can’t wait.” Dad and Foster hunted for sticks to roast marshmallows on. Mom got the marshmallows, graham crackers, and the chocolate to make smores around the campfire. Life couldn’t get any better than this, dad thought.

camp fire - Copy.jpg

The fellas arrived with roasting sticks and marshmallowing time had begun. Aimie had melted chocolate on her face, her hands and her pretty dress. She looked like she was having a good time.

choc - Copy.jpg

As the family finished their roast, they all went inside to turn in for a good nights sleep.

To be continued.

Thanks for spending time here.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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