Travel time #2

The Tayor family were excited, as they headed west in their new motorhome. Vacation time was here.

Dad was the captain of this ship, feeling proud and delighted. Mom, sitting in the passenger seat is trying to find something to listen to on the radio. She finds some rock station playing ACDC. She looks at dad, he shakes his head no. Mom tries again this time she has found some soft rock and adjusts the sound to a medium level. She sits back to enjoy the scenery as it whizzes by. Mom is amazed by the rugged beauty she is so blessed to see. She grabs her camera and starts to click photos one after the other.

camera - Copy.jpgwater and trees - Copy.jpgforest - Copy.jpg

Foster and Aimie are playing go fish, all you could hear was the sound of laughter. Could Foster be enjoying his sister’s company? Or, is this just one of those magical moments that fizzle away? Mom had no idea, but she was going to snap pictures of the happy children sitting at the dining table. The photos would be proof that Foster could be nice after all.

cards - Copy.jpgcamera - Copy.png

Mom turned her swivel seat towards the children. “Hey. Why don’t we play, ‘I spy with my little eye’?” Foster and Aimie were more than delighted. They cleaned up the cards and put them aside. Foster said, “Who goes first?” Aimie raised her hand as far up to the sky as she could with her seat belt holding her back. “Me, me” she yelled. “I want to spy first.” “Oh please,” Foster said, “Go ahead Aimie, I will be second.” Aimie started off, “I spy with my little eye something that is blue?” Foster and mom looked around the space to find something blue. Foster guessed, “The towel by the sink?” “No,” Aimie said as she giggled. Mom gave it a try, “Is it the, hmm, the blue  blanket on the couch?” “No,” Aimie said as she shook her head from side to side making her pigtails tough her face. “Well, what is it then?” Mom said. Aimie said, “Foster’s blue jeans.” Everyone laughed out loud. “That was a good one,” mom said. They played the game for a long time, to while away the miles!

seat - Copy.jpgi spy - Copy.jpgDad said, “Is anyone ready to take a break and have some dinner?”  ” Yes,” everyone said at the same time. Dad pulled the motorhome into a parking lot of a restaurant. Dad looked at mom, “do you think we could go inside and eat dinner here?” “I think that would be a good idea,” mom said. The restaurant was busy with customers, the sounds of clinking glasses and dishes, voices talking, babies crying, and the aroma from the kitchen was intoxicating. Dad’s stomach let out a loud growl, the hostess looked at him saying, “we best get you a table right away.”

food - Copy.jpgwaiting - Copy.jpg  waiting in line for food.

Once at their table the waiter came over. Aimie got chocolate milk, Foster a root beer, mom and dad got a coffee each. Dad ordered dinner for everyone, “we would like to order three steak dinner medium, one with fries, two with baked potatoes loaded, and for the young lady chicken fingers and fries.”  The waiter said, “thank you, sir.” And off he went to order their meals.  This was a place for the family to remember. With dinner finished everyone headed to the motorhome.

steak and fries - Copy.jpgsteak 2 - Copy.jpgsteak - Copy.png

Once inside the motorhome dad told everyone that they would be stopping at a campground that had a waterslide park, and they would stay there for two nights. Aimie and Foster were very happy and ready to get there. “NOW! Dad said, “we have about three hours of driving to get there, and they would have to wait until then.” Mom switched seats letting Foster sit up front with his dad, which made Foster feel like dad and Foster were a team. The two of them chatted back and forth as dad drove west on the highway.

dad - Copy.pngson - Copy.png

Mom was getting tired and decided to turn on the TV and relax on the sofa with Aimie. All the excitement of the day had tuckered Aimie out and it did not take long for her to be fast asleep. Mom drifted off to sleep for a bit feeling rejuvenated when she woke. Looking out the windshield mom seen the campground sign ahead. Dad started to slow down and entered the campground, parked the motorhome and dad and Foster went inside to get a map to find their site for the next two days.

nap - Copy.jpg

Returning from the office the fellas climbed back into the motorhome and they were off to find their site. “There it is,” Foster said pointing. “There is the water park and we are very close to it!” “Yes!” Foster exclaimed. Dad had a drive through site with some trees, and a fire pit. “Come on Foster.”  “It’s time for us to level the motorhome out, let the awning down, hook up the water and plug in the hydro cable,” Dad said.

level - Copy.png

There was still a lot of sunlight left to the day and this family wanted to spend most of that at the water park. Aimie woke up from her sleep rubbing her eyes. “Where are we, mommy?” “At the campgrounds dear,”  mom said. “Go to your room and get your swimsuit on.” Mom said. Mom went over to the electric panel and pushed a button and two slide outs magically appeared one on the left one on the right. Aimie was ready for the waterpark. Mom smiled at her then went into their room to put on her swimsuit. Mom and Aimie split a bottle of water while waiting for the fellas to finish the outside work.

mon - Copy.png

The fellas finally came in, washed their hands, got their swim trunks on and everyone was off to the waterpark. The slides were huge but Aimie still wanted to go on them and Foster volunteered to go with her.  Mom looked at dad and dad just shrugged his shoulders then looked back at the water slides. Foster and Aimie started their climb up a large staircase, the view from the top was spectacular. Both children waved at mom and dad who were sitting on the grass watching them. Mom grabbed her camera and ran to the end of the slide to get photos of both children while dad followed along. Both children came down at once on a tube built for two, Aimie in the front and Foster right behind her holding her tight around the waist. Click, click, click, went the camera. Water splashed into the air hitting dad and soaking him to the skin. He was shivering from the cool water. Mom just took picture after picture laughing while she did. Dad said pointing his finger at Harriott, “you will get yours, just you wait and see.”

waterslide - Copy.jpg


dad - Copy (2).jpg

It was mom and dads turn to go no the water slide. Up the stairs, they climbed. “Is the top ever going to get here?” mom said short-breathed. Dad looked at her saying, “come on slow poke.” Finally, they reached the top which was really high up. They jumped into a tube and away they went, Mom was screaming and dad was laughing, “Splash,” the water covered mom and dad totally. Foster got some great shots of the water covering his parents. “Let’s go try out the slides that shoot you into the water,” Aimie said.

mom - Copy.jpg

The pool was big and the slides were not as big as the one the family had just been on. Dad picked mom up and jumped into the pool with her in his arms. The water splashed everywhere, the splash looked like someone had done a belly flop. Mom came up sputtering water from her mouth, trying to get away from her husband. Ron came out of the water beside her winked and kissed her on the cheek. “One for me,” he said.

slash - Copy.jpg

The Taylor family spent about half an hour in the water then headed back to the motorhome. It was getting late and a snack before they turned in sounded great.

To be continued.

Thank you for popping in. Take care and be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.





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