The one and only

The world is a very large mass of land, mountains, water, and a population consisting of mankind.

It’s quite rare that people meet that are actually meant for each other. Herbert is a strapping young middle-aged man in his late thirties,  stood six foot four inches tall. He had the bluest of blue eyes, that seemed to sparkle when he smiled. He loved his job as an engineer but the job didn’t have the most convenient hours. Herbert worked out as much as he could. Herbert made a point of seeing his children every two weeks spending lots of time, hearing about their days and what they did.

tall handsome - Copy.jpg

Katrina is a beautiful blonde haired beauty. Katrina is only five foot five with a body that showed her love for healthy eating and plenty of exercises.  Katrina had children who meant the world to her. She works as a nurse in a very busy hospital, her hours are long and tiring. Katrina worked hard at her job leaving her not much time for a social life. She hoped someday to meet a man with the same interests as she had. Most of all he must be funny and make her laugh.

blonde - Copy - Copy.jpg

Dating services are one of many ways to meet a mate. The chances of meeting ”that’ one and only are pretty slim. On an evening not too long ago Katrina went on one of the datings sites to see if there were any decent men this time. Katrinas’ attempts before were not good. She would talk with someone for a month or so only to have them be too busy to find time for a friend. There are men that could only say rude comments. Katrina never replied to the rudeness, she just blocked them. She had no time for men that never grew up and learned manners.

rude man - Copy.jpgrude man hole - Copy - Copy.jpg

Herbert was looking for that sweet person to spend time with and hopefully make a true effort to create a longtime relationship with him. He scrolled through the adds of beautiful ladies, and behold there was Katrina’s profile. Herbert messaged Katrina in the hopes that she would reply to his message.

texting - Copy.jpggirl texting - Copy.jpg

Katrina finally sent a message back to Herbert. Herbert was delighted to hear from Katrina. Katrina had never dated a man six-foot-four-inches and the height difference was a bit intimidating. Katrina was only five foot five inches tall and tiny. Herbert talked with Katrina and decided it was time to make a date and meet.

date - Copy.png

Thursday night seemed have taken forever to come along, but the day of the date finally came. Herbert had made reservations for dinner with a booth in a quiet section of the restaurant. Katrina was very nervous but excited to meet Herbert. Herbert was nervously waiting for Katrina to arrive. The waiter came around the corner with a beautiful blonde lady. The waiter said “this is your table ma’m” while pulling out her chair.

waiter - Copy.jpg

Katrina and Herbert exchanged hellos and smiling at each other. Once the greetings were over the laughs and stories of their lives began falling from their lips. The nerves had melted away replaced by a comfortable feeling. Both hit it off and the relationship began to blossom.  They chatted for what felt like hours eating their meals and enjoying each others company.

couple  - Copy.jpg

The time to leave came way too soon for both of them. As they kissed Katrina was on her tiptoes and Herbert was bent over to place his lips on hers. Katrina started to giggle telling Herbert she would need a stool or chair next time. Saying goodbye was something neither of them wanted to do.

Inkedkiss - Copy_LI.jpg

Today Herbert and Katrina have been in touch every day, as well as meeting for dinners, walks on the waterfront, and many enjoyable rendezvous. Could this be one of those one and only times?

The End.

Thanks for visiting.

Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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