Two Peas in a pod #5

When we left our ladies, Pennie had suffered a blow that left her angry hurt and lost. Tina had spent a night with her daughter and Dorthy to make sure Pennie was alright. Dorthy had been left feeling hurt because of her husband’s phone call.

Dorthy and Pennie had spent most of the evening chatting away till the wee hours of the morning. Both were still snuggled in front of the fire. The light coming from the window was bright for the first time in days. The cold and snow was still there, piles  of it. The wind blew gusts of snow, as the light make each grain of snow shine like diamonds on the wind. People walked with their heads down to keep the wind off their stinging faces. The cold was brutal and every person wished it would be gone sooner than later. Spring was coming soon and all the stores were showing off the new lines for this year. Heck, the snow had not even started to melt yet! No one could understand that but, I guess the early bird always gets the worm.

bird - Copy - Copy.jpgperson in cold - Copy.jpg

Coffee and bacon could be smelt coming from the kitchen. Dorthy hollered from the kitchen. “Come on sleepy head get out of bed”. Pennie stretched and climbed out of her warm cozy sleeping bag. She shivered as the chill from the room tip toed across her pale skin. Pennie made her way to the kitchen surprised to see breakfast on the table, and a hot mug of java waiting for her. “Good morning”, Dorthy said with a smile. ” How ya doing today? ” Pennie cracked a smile back at Dorthy saying. ” I’m good.” “How did you sleep last night?” “Like a log.” Dorthy said.


breakfast - Copy.jpgcoffeee mug - Copy

The day went slower than most while the ladies sat around in their pajamas talking about all the changes in their lives. Being single again was both scary,  yet thrilling. What did the future hold for Dorthy and Pennie?  Would the changes challenge a friendship that had been so strong for so long? No one knew what would happen but both ladies were ready to meet the challenges head on  and beside each other.


Dorthy had called her husband Bill, having a long talk with him about their marriage. Bill asked Dorthy¬†how she felt about the two of them getting divorced¬† there fore giving them the chance to be happy, instead of their lives being unhappy?” Dorthy agreed to the divorce. Dorthy told Pennie about her and Bills’ talk and how they agreed to settle alimony , selling the house and splitting the funds.

homes - Copy - Copy.jpgmoney and house - Copy.jpg

Pennie told Dorthy that homes in the area did not stay on the market long. Pennie asked, “Dorthy would you like to move in with me until our homes are sold?” Dorthy said. ” A fresh¬† start would be good for both of them.” Pennie joked a bought how they could be like Thelma and Louise and go off on a journey, leaving the past behind. Dorthy loved the idea of the journey and starting a new life.

houses - Copy ¬†The week had started off with a bang as the divorce papers came from Adam laying out the options for Pennie. Pennie seen a lawyer and settled on selling of the home, and the profits being evenly split between them. Pennie settled on an alimony payment plus increase percentages for each year till she marry or die which ever came first. Pennie’s lawyer faxed the proposal off to Adam’s lawyer for the final okay to Pennies proposal.¬† Pennie was happy with her demands and could not wait till all this lawyer business was over with. Later that week the lawyer called saying that the divorce was final pending selling the home and splitting of the funds. Pennie was on cloud nine with the whole divorce over and done with.

Paper.jpgInkedcertificate - Copy - Copy_LI.jpg


Dorthy’s ordeal did not go as fast as Pennies. About four weeks later Dorthy was free¬† as well. Both ladies went out for drinks and dinner to celebrate their new beginnings. They started to plan their big escape from the small town to the big city lights. They would buy a motor home and travel the country, seeing the sights they had never seen before. An adventure was about to start as soon as the homes were sold and funds were settled.¬† The girls planned a big garage sale to liquidate all the furnishings of the homes, everything had to go. They left their personal belongings with Pennies mom, purchased a new small car and trailer to tow behind the brand new motor home.

motor - Copy - Copy.png money - Copy.jpg

The ladies were tearful as they drove away from Pennie’s mom’s house. Setting out on a journey of a life time, making new memories as they travel.

The end.

Thank you for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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