Two Peas in a pod #3

As I remember we left Pennie on the cell phone with Helena. Pennie had tears running down her cheeks as Helena spoke.

Pennie’s mom and Dorthy could see the tears and the change on Pennie’s face. Her happy demeanour had turned to a terrified look. The girls wanted to ask about the person on the other end of the line. Whoever it was hurt Pennie bad enough to make her cry. She was sobbing, dropping her cell phone on the floor, leaving a large crack across the screen. Pennie sank lower until she was lying on the floor crying. Her sobs were louder than before as she was mumbling through her tears.  No one could understand what she was saying.

terrified - Copy.jpgphone - Copy.png

Dorthy lay on the floor beside Pennie trying to console her. Dorthy could not understand what Pennie tried to say. Pennie’s mom grabbed the cell phone from the floor raised it to her ear, hearing a tiny voice on the other end of the line. “Hello,” Tina said, “Who is this?” The tiny voice was gone and all she could hear was a loud buzz on the line. Tina put the cell phone down on the counter and knelt beside her daughter stroking her hair. We love you, hun, everything will be okay. Dorthy was crying too.

crying - Copy.pnglady - Copy.jpg

Dorthy and Tina helped Pennie up off the floor. Together they led Pennie to a chair at the table. Pennie sat down crossing her arms on the table and dropping her head into her arms. Tina got her a cup of coffee placing it in front of her daughter. Pennie raised her head. Her face was red, and stained with wet tears, her eyes swollen from crying. Pennie’s mom asked, “Who was that on the phone?” Pennie replied in a trembling voice, “It was a young girl named Helena.” Pennie broke out in tears again. Dorthy held Pennie’s hand reassuring her that she would never be alone, “I will be here with you, no matter what.”

tears - Copy.jpg


Pennie blew her nose and cleared her voice then started to repeat what she had been told. The words coming from her mouth stunned Tina and Dorthy. They could not fathom what they were hearing. Their mouths were wide open but, no words come out. Pennie said it again. ” The young lady on the cell phone told me that Adam and herself were living together somewhere in Idaho and she was having his baby. She told me he would send the divorce papers next week.

nose - Copy

Tina and Dorthy put their hands over their mouths looking at Pennie. They did not know what to say to her. They grabbed her hand and hugged her tightly. Pennie was angry and sad at the same time. She wanted to confront the coward, she wanted to burn his clothes, she wanted all of this to go away. She kept hearing Helena’s words over and over in her head. Pennie wiped her eyes and said let’s have a drink to the coward, hiding behind a little girl. fire - Copy.jpgpile of clothes - Copy.jpg


Dorthy grabbed a bottle of vodka, pouring two shots over ice, handing one to Pennie and one to her mom. Dorthy held her glass high. Pennie burst out “good luck you damn coward, may you be in hell for the rest of your life”! The girls clanked glasses together and slugged back the vodka. “Another one,” Pennie said. Dorthy filled the glasses again.

drink - Copyvodka - Copy.jpg

It looks like the night was going to be a long one. The girls will have a sound sleep tonight.

To be continued.

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Take care out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.


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