Let the games begin

People occupy this planet and enjoy many things together.

I lived in a little town in southern Ontario. The population of Ilderton was a whopping three thousand and one people. The town had a small strip mall and an old general store that had been passed down through generations. The general store is one hundred and seven years old, the floors were ageing but with a little tender love and care, it looked just it did when it was laid down. When you walked across the floor you could feel the wood tugging at your boots making a shuffling sound. It was like music to my ears, the shelves were lined with everything you could think of, they even had an old horse-pulled plough. The store had candy to canned goods, shoes to fabric to make clothes, nuts and bolts and way too many items to name. Let’s put it this way if it wasn’t in the mall it was at the general store.

store 2.jpg

store 3

Every year the town would hold an event that brought people as far as North Bay. To the people of this town, North Bay was a million miles away. The event was a giant picnic an old fashion picnic where everyone dressed in pioneer period clothing. The picnic had sack racing, apple bobbing, egg on a spoon race, tick tack toe on a large playing ground, the hoop and stick race, but the favourite part of the picnic was the balloon fight. The only thing that topped that one was the pie-eating contest. The dinner was supplied by all the kitchens in the town everybody pitched in.



pie eating.jpg

“Let the games begin!” the mayor or the town announced, over the chatter of the townsfolk and visitors. In the middle of the park, the games and their organizers were ready to go. With the sound of the bugle, the games began. The potato sack race started with every racer on their feet and not even two feet out the sacks began to fall. The crowds broke out in laughter as Bob pushed Bill they struggled to stay on their feet but no way. Stumbling to the left then to the right and before you could say watch out both men were in the lake face first. The two spit and sputtered as the water came shooting out their mouths, Bob felt something moving in his sack reaching inside he pulled out a frog. That set the crowd into a fit of laughter, pointing at Bob as stood surprised by what he had in his hand. Bill was still sputtering and trying to regain his footing.

sack hitPotatoSackRace.jpg

Next was the egg and spoon race, oh my god. Mabble moved slowly down the raceway then turned around to come back she hit a divot in the grass she stumbled forwards turned and stumbled backwards sitting on a fresh flat of eggs her face wore the expression of shock, for the rest of the day she gained the name egg lady.

spoon race.jpg

The best event was about to start as buckets of balloons were placed throughout the park the bell rang and the game began. Balloons flew through the air one hit the mayor smack dab in the middle of the forehead, pop the balloon broke send cold water running down his face and into his shirt. He picked up a balloon tossed it and hit old lady Johnson right in the back of her head, she was stunned. The mayors face said it all, he turned to run but another balloon hit him in the middle of the back, he went down. Old lady Johnson stood over him with a bucket of ice cold water, she tipped the bucket before the mayor could close his mouth the water hit. By now a crowd had surrounded the both of them and cheered loudly for Mrs Johnson, she stood with her foot in the middle of his chest as she pumped up her biceps. There were a lot of wet people by the time the balloons finished off.

balloon s.jpg

The dinner was ready to serve and everyone was ready to sit down to eat. There was one more game yet to come but had to wait until dinner was finished. The mayor was one of the contestants along with many young girls and boys ready to eat the cherry pie with no hands. The pies were lined up with the eaters in front of them, the bell rang, heads went down into the cherry pie. Pie crush flew in every direction, the crowds encouraged the contestants to eat that pie. The first face to come up was the littlest girl of the bunch, her face was covered ear to ear with red cherry pie, the greatest thing about her was the smile on her face. Her pie was done and she had the first place. Who would take the second place? The crowd continued to support the pie eaters. A young fella came in second, and the third place was taken by Mrs Johnson. She stood looking at the mayor and yelled at him, “come on you baby, can’t you eat faster than that?”  The crowd burst out in laughter. This day topped all others.


It was a great day had by all, and next year will be even more fun than this one.


The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.


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