Home sweet home #5

Morning came too early for Charles and Samantha, the time to speak to the children was coming soon.

As the children wandered down the stairs to the kitchen, mom stood in front of the stove frying bacon and sausages. Dad was cooking scrambled eggs and buttering the toast that popped up from the toaster. The smell was amazing, I can almost smell it myself.  The table was set with glasses of juice, milk, or water. The aroma of the bacon weaved its way up the stairs, tickling the noses of any person not at the table. Soon, the table was full of hungry children ready to eat as mom and dad filled bowls to put on the table. With coffee in hand, mom and dad sat down to eat.


Once breakfast was done some of the children pitched in with clearing the table, washing and drying the dishes while someone else put them away. Mom announced that there would be a meeting in the living room in fifteen minutes. It’s time to get dressed and we will see in the living room. Mom and dad had sat down in their chairs and were waiting for the children to be seated. Upstairs whispers could be heard from the washrooms, “what did we do” “who was the one” “what” “the one that farted” with loud laughter, hands were placed over mouths to keep it to a dull roar. Soon the living room was filled up with family members.

dishes boy.jpgdring dishes.jpg

putting dishes away.jpg

child farting.pngchildren giggling.jpg

As dad began to speak the room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, the silence was deafening. Dad cleared his throat and what came out of his mouth had the children looking at each other with big round eyes and open mouths. They could not believe what was being said. Dad was serious. He did not smile or joke, nothing. As he spoke mom stood beside him dad sat down and mom continued. She read the information found at the library, she was equipped with photos and documents. The meeting was almost like being in history class with the house being the topic. Mom said that two little girls Victoria and Anabelle plus Donald and Martha Hargraves were the original owners of the house. Mom explained how the girls died and how the couple died as well. All you could see were sad tears for the people who died.

donald and martha.jpg

Questions came quicker than mom or dad could answer fast enough., Each child was filled with curiousity. There seemed to be no fear,  or anxiety among the children and if there was they hid it pretty well. The children studied the photos of the girls and the couple who owned the house and property. “Mom,” Janna said, it’s so sad how the little girls died, and Mr. Hargraves must of had the loneliest life without Mrs. Hargraves around. Janna asked if the little girls would be visiting with them someday? Mom assured her that the girls may come visit someday and “don’t forget dear, the girls are ghosts, they are not alive like we are.” Janna shook her head as if she understood.

family on sofa.png

Mom and dad asked the children questions to make sure the presence of the ghosts would not be something they would worry about. The family spent quite sometime going over the information about the house, with curiousity hightened the family made their way to the study with mom in the lead. When the doors opened a choir of voices awed at the size of the room and the amout of books on the shelves. Maddie, with head tilted to the side slowly read the book titles She was in heaven in this room. This was her new favourite room . The boys did not to seem to be as impressed as the girls but they thought the whole idea of living in a haunted house was the ‘bomb’.


haaunted house.jpg

With the whole family comfortable with the extra family visitors, the family settled down to a long happy life in their new home.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Be safe out there.

dancing granny (2)_LI.jpg



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