Home sweet home #3

Mom thought about the face in the window, she could not get the little person off her mind. The child looked so sad and alone.

The house contained many different sizes of bedrooms, there was an old study with old books lining the shelves. Samantha (mom) went over to the window and pulled the heavy curtains open to let the light in. The overhead light did nothing to show how grand the room was. As the light filtered threw cob webs and dirt that had built up threw the years the study took on a different feeling.


Samantha needed to go to town do grocery shopping and pick a few things up at the target store. Charles (dad) would look after Susie while mom was away. Samantha plus three daughters tagged along to give her a hand and make sure she did not forget the good food. Like, chips popcorn soda candy and ice-cream, the only staple the children thought they needed to survive an evening of movies or game night.

watching movies.jpg

Samantha asked if the children like the house and the ones they chose as their bedrooms . “Yes” the girls screamed. Beverly said she was very impressed with the size of the living room area, Maddie loved the staircase that captured your attention the minute you came threw the front door. Janna said she was happy with the whole house, at least the parts she had seen. Mom said she had found an old study with many books lining the shelves. Maddie’s eyes lit up when she heard the word books, mom said she would show her the study later.

stairs.jpgFinding the grocery store was quite easy as is only one in town and target was in the new mall a few streets away from the grocery store. Samantha liked the idea of how everything was so close to each other plus she did not have to drive miles to reach the store she wanted to shop at. The store was very clean and the staff very helpful, while in the line up the cashier said hello and asked if they were the family who moved into the old Miller place? Samantha politely said, “yes” then smiled chatting with the check out lady as she put the groceries on the counter. Samantha mentioned how they had gone to a burger restaurant last night for dinner and the food was the best ever. The cashier, Pam said it was the best place in town and she had many dinners there too. She said mom and pop as they were know by the towns people served up delicious meals and would cater the events around town.



The girls loaded the van with the groceries and the items from target, they decided to take a drive to see what else this town had to offer. They stopped at an ice-cream shop the variety was amazing. Samantha had root beer float, Beverly had a cone with chocolate chip mint ice-cream, Maddie had a small dish of chocolate ice-cream her favorite kind. As soon as the girls were done they headed back to the house.

ice-cream shop.jpg

Walt was out in the yard playing fetch with the dogs while Calvin and Dawson inspected the old shed and the outhouse. The boys came over to help with the unloading of the van. Samantha turned around to go into the house tilting her head to look up at the house and there was that little face and another face. She was a spooked by the sight, but never uttered a word, later she spoke with Charles about what she had seen this time. They wondered if the home was haunted figuring their best course of action was to go to the paper or the library to research the homes past.


Later that week they went to the library and began their search. Speaking with the librarian they found that the house was built around the turn of the century and the first owner of the home was a man named Barton Jones, his home was used as home for girls where they were protected by Mr. Jones and his slaves against any military action. Mr. Jones died after a slip and fall into the water at Pickle Lake, his body was  never found. There was a young girl who had been pushed down the staircase and died.

military.pngfalling down stairs

Samantha turned to Charles and said, “I’m not crazy after all.” the little face in the window really was there, poor little one. Samantha started to ask the librarian another question, when she was interrupted by a very abrupt noise somewhere in the area of the fiction book area.

librarian in library.jpg

I wonder what else will be found out about the house in the episode next?

To be continued.

Thanks for popping in for a visit.


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