Home sweet home #2

With all furniture in there appropriate rooms, beds put up and most of the boxes unpacked the family gathered in the living room.

The topic at hand was what to have for dinner. Everyone was starving, so they chose to go  into town and see what kind of restaurants this town had. Turning out the lane driving north they came to main street, the heart of this little town. There were a few places that looked familiar but none like the big city had.

main street.jpg

Mom said, “there was a Mom and Pop Diner that claimed to have the best burgers in town.” The children said, ” burgers yes burgers, ” ” okay ” dad said. So burgers it is. Dad turned the van around and parked in front of the restaurant.

van .png

The restaurant was medium sized and not too many people inside. When the children started coming out of the van the people turned and looked at them.



Dad opened the diner door for mom and the children, a smiling lady greeted them as they entered. How many for dinner she asked, mom replied ” a table for ten please and one baby seat.” The lady said it will take a minute or two to set up the table, then they could be seated. While waiting,  mom looked around the room it felt cozy and warm, a place that a family would have as a business. The smells coming from the kitchen made empty tummies grumble. The people in the diner looked quite surprised to see so many children in one family but, to the Phillips family this was just a normal family.


Sitting down at the table they all looked over the menu whispering about what to order. The older children decided on burgers and fries, while the younger ones had chicken strips and fries. Mom and dad both had the hot beef plate with tea. The children had soda and water to drink with their meals while the baby ate some of mom’s mashed potatoes then munched on a chicken finger. The food was out of this world as the word yummy could be heard often. ” Nothing like home cooking ” dad said. The lady began taking away the dirty dishes  soon she returned with dessert menus, and asked ” would anyone like desert?” “Chocolate cake and ice-cream for everyone.”

burger and fries.jpg

hot beef .jpg

cake and ice craem.jpg

When dinner was finished the family said thank you and piled back into the van and headed home. Pulling into the drive mom could see what looked like a small face in the window of a room. She wondered if someone was in the house but never said a word.

child looking out window

She spoke with dad and both of them checked the room and could not find anyone. Mom thought she had maybe seen a reflection or was she just tired from the busy day.

To be continued.

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