Home sweet home

Moving is one of those time-consuming chores that happens once in awhile. This day was moving day for the Phillips family.

The Phillips family was quite large with eight children two dogs four cats mom and dad. A large house was the only option they had when buying a house for this blended family. The ages of the children ran between 16 to 1 years old. The house mom and dad had chosen was a huge civil war style mansion, with large windows, a bell tower that seemed to be taller than the trees beside the house. The doors were covered in strange carving, and designs. The grounds were huge, where flower grew, weeds remain.

the mansion.jpg

It was a curious house but, the Phillips family fell in love with it at first sight. There was a set of swings hanging from the branches of an old oak tree. Beyond that was a shed that looked like it was built in the nineteen hundreds. A tiny building stood close to the shed that was called the outhouse. The children had many questions about that after dad had said the words “outhouse.” Dad laughed jokingly saying, “this is where we go to pee.” Mom didn’t seem to like the sounds of that and the look on her face was priceless.


It was nearing the time when the moving trucks were scheduled to arrive. “Everyone to the house,” Mom said. Calvin sixteen the oldest child a very handsome fella with brownish blonde hair and green eyes, about six foot five inch, bent down to pick up Janna the six-year-old with pigtails and freckles that covered her face her hair was curly with a gingerbread colour. Janna held tight to Calvin’s arm as he placed her on his shoulders. Dawson thirteen tall and lanky like his brother Calvin, they looked almost identical. Beside him was Walt twelve years old and somewhat shorter than the other brothers, he had the most infectious laugh of all the other children. His eyes were sparkling blue, he loved the dogs and made sure they were loved and taken care of.

dog-hugging-kittens.jpgdog sittig on cat.jpg


Marten ten was the adventurous type, he had a habit of finding places to hide than popped out and scared the girls. He loved bugging them whenever he could. Beverly fourteen was very athletic, she spent some of her time entering sports events at school. She was pretty, intelligent, and loved two of their cats. Beverly spent a lot of time with her sister Maddie, who was thirteen and an avid book reader who was the silent type. Maddie’s eye sparkled like diamonds when she smiled her long blonde hair which hung almost to her knees amazed anyone she met. Susie one year old was a usual baby that crawled around the floors eating any bug she could find, she was a cutie all right and daddies pride and joy. All together they were a team.


It was a while before the furniture movers arrived. Everyone had gone through the bedrooms and picked out which one they wanted. Mom and Dad had the biggest bedroom with an attached bathroom, Mom was overjoyed to see that she did not have to use the outhouse. The baby had a room with Janna as they were both too young to have their own rooms. Beverly and Maddie had rooms close to Susie and Janna’s room. All the boys picked rooms close to each other. There were two bathrooms in the boy’s area, and two in the girl’s area. The furniture movers arrived and everyone pitched in to help get all the bedrooms set up before bedtime. It took a while to empty the two tractor trailers but no one seemed to mind.

moving van men waving.jpgmoving van cartoon style.jpg

The idea of a new home in a new place was a promise of better things to come. “Or was it?”

To be continued.

Thanks for visiting.

Take care out there.



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