A time in my life

In our lives, we get times that are not easy to get over. The loss of a child, a parent, even grandparents. We try to find a way to deal with the loss.

Loss of a loved one can leave a large hole in our hearts. Our lives change when celebrating times come along and the person being celebrated is no longer present. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, and New Years. I have had the same loss of someone I loved very much.


I had spent most of my life with my Grand-mother because my mother was not around. I never knew my Mom till I was thirty-six years old. It was a very nervous time in my life. I had to ask one of my Aunts if she knew where my Mom lived? My Aunt took my phone number giving my number to my Mom. She called a week later and we made a time to meet the family members I had no idea I had. It’s funny to this day I still have not met many of my family members.

grandma with cookies boy.jpgmom hugging.jpg

We met at my Mom’s house, she was a wonderful lady that made me feel secure. She tried very hard to give me things as I figured she would. I met two sisters that didn’t even look like me at all. I was blonde blue-eyed, and they were dark haired and brown eyes. What a difference. I kept in touch with my Mom for many years writing letters back and forth. I moved west but we still kept in touch.

girl writing letter.jpggrandma reading letter.jpg

I received a phone call one afternoon finding out my Mom was in the hospital. She was not in good shape and that I should come to see her. I got a flight back home rented a car and headed for the hospital. I spent a lot of time with her that day and helped her fill out her next day meal menu.  She could not even hold the straw in her drink someone had to come and help her stand. It made me cry when I had seen how weak she had become. I stayed for a week and had to head back to Alberta. That was a very sad goodbye as it would be the last time I saw her alive.

air plane .pngfunny car driving fast.jpg

A phone call came about a week and a half later, Mom had passed due to kidney failure. The funeral was set up for a week later. I made arrangements to be there. What would make that day truly difficult is that the day of my Mother’s funeral was also the day of my eldest daughter’s wedding. Emotionally the stress was overwhelming.  We buried my Mom in the morning, and I attended my daughter’s wedding in the evening. A day I would never want to repeat, ever!

church no people.jpginside church


Life has a way of throwing you a curve you did not expect. I got a job I really loved, I was educated for my job and worked very hard. I drove a lift truck at work, taught people how to drive them, and covered anyone who could not make it work plus I covered holidays for other drivers. I put in a lot of time at work. But I loved the job and I did the job well.

lift truck.jpggood training.jpg

Off to work I went, I had no idea what I was in for when I arrived. I had a mess to clean up after the night shift and to top it all I had a rotten headache that had been following me for the previous two weeks. I felt like I was in a bit of a whirlwind. I felt faint and was dragging my butt around not getting ahead of the mess. My supervisor came over to ask me about something, and when she looked at me her face looked really weird. She asked me if I was okay. She walked me over to a seat, sitting me down. She asked me questions but I was answering in words that did not make sense. I was taken to the hospital finding out I was having a stroke.


I guess all the jobs I was doing was not good for me. My body was telling me, ‘that was it, no more’. I was retired from my job, not my choice. The body has a way of telling you that it is not doing well. All I can say if you have a headache that stays for weeks it’s time to see the doctor or emergency. Listen to your body as you are the one who knows you best.

retired woman.jpg

I’ve made it through a lot and have come to this point in my life and I enjoy it.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care and be safe out there.


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