Life cycle

Life is supposed to be our one chance to get it right while we are here on earth. Some of us are lucky enough to get a second or third chance to look at life in a different light. We don’t always listen.

We come into this world as babies who need all around us to nurture and help us grow strong and confident in ourselves. The family unit can be small consisting of a Mom and a Dad. Then there are family units with Mom, Dad, siblings, Grand-parents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Grand-parents, cousins, and anyone else connected to the unit. These people all help a new baby talk, walk, play, go to the potty, how to jump in that muddy puddle that just happens to be in the way, gain an education and many many things we learn as we grow.

babies growing.jpgmom dad baby.jpg

family.pngkids playing.jpgLife goes on as we go through our teens with the zits that somehow find their way to your face especially on that dream date, or on the day of school picture, or the day of the prom. Trials and tribulations we all must learn as we move through our lifespan. We go to college, our first time away from home with no parents to give you direction. “It’s all up to you, ” they say. There are the trials, errors, times that can be good or times that can be bad. Do I drink again tonight or should I stay home and study for the big exam coming up in one week? All choices that now, are yours to make, on your own, no parents involved.

teens school.jpgzits.jpg

You get that job that you have been dreaming about and make it a career. Life seems to be going by pretty darn fast, maybe a little too fast.  You make your work a big part of your life. You are a winner. The direction is not always easy to take but it, in the end, those who listen usually succeed in time. Love is always there if you need it. Good or bad is all due to the choices we make.


We meet that wonderful person who seems like your soul mate. Love is a wonderful time one that will last for years to come. Love is always fantastic with bumps in the roads both of you follow together. Holding hands walk through life building a solid foundation. Being together, truly love each other will take you both to a place that nurtures your souls.

wedding.jpgAs time crawls ahead, senior retirement has caught up with you. The time we all look forward to as a reward for all the work we put in throughout our lives. The time to slow down and enjoy what time we have left. A time to enjoy your life with the ones you love, a time to relax. Our golden years are times when life slows down, sometimes sickness creeps in on us at the most inopportune times. Our health is one of those things that is up to us.  Choices again.

retirement bbq.pngretirement.png


No matter how we live our lives time will take us back to our birth stage. We become dependent on others to help us walk, talk, eat, and help us when our minds become not so sharp. A time when we no longer have the choices we used to have. Our lives leave us unaware of what is going on and wondering when God will call us home. Our lives have run our course of time.

retirement help.jpgretirement people.jpg

yahoo retirement .jpg

The end.

Thanks for being patient.

Take care and be safe out there.


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