Grandma’s house #1

Grandma was the most important person in Debbie and John’s life. She was like a Mom to both of them.  Their Mom had left when they were babies and Grandma has more than enough love to share, so she welcomed Debbie and John into her home.

Grandma’s house was pretty big to Debbie and John as they were only little. Debbie was seven years old, blonde hair and blue eyes,  tall for her age, she had a few freckles here and there on her face. John was blonde and blue-eyed as well he was five years old and a big pain in the butt for his older sister. He knew how to bug her and did it very well and very often.

They spent a lot of time with Grandma. When John and Debbie slept at Grandmas they slept upstairs in bedrooms that were across the hall from each other. Debbie didn’t feel safe in her room because there was a door that led to the attic. John never seemed afraid of anything he was too young and carefree to imagine ghosts and monsters.

old house.png

During the day they would go through the door to the attic and explore. There were lots of neat things in the attic, there was a trunk with old photos and older clothing that helped the imagination run wild. Gram said it was okay to play with the clothes and shoes. But not to rip the pictures. Debbie and John had many fun times dressing up and pretending to be someone else.

grandma costumegrandpa costume

The daytime play was great but, when it came to nighttime the door of the attic gave Debbie the feeling that someone was watching her. The feeling kept Debbie awake for what seemed like hours. The light was not on and the pitch dark made her eyes play tricks on her mind. She was afraid someone was under the bed, someone who ate arms and legs that fell over the edge.

child afraid.jpg save as  attic.jpg

Debbie would tightly tuck herself in so no part of her body would fall over the edge of the bed. Once that was done, Debbie would hide under the covers tucking the covers around her head. She had a little flashlight she brought with her to bed, she would leave it on for the night. She thought Grandma would come up and turn off the flashlight because it would be off in the morning. Debbie never told anyone about how afraid she was of that room, she knew Grandma had an idea what was going on.

covers afraid.jpg under cover.jpg

In the morning the light streamed through the window taking all the scary creatures away. Debbie would check under the bed before stepping on the floor, just in case. Debbie would go stand by the window and look out at an old tree that stood next to a garden full of beautiful poppies and a variety of different flowers. The poppy was Grandma’s favourite flower.  The old tall tree stood guard over all things on the property.

scary tree.png

Debbie loved being at Grandma’s house and wanted to live there for the rest of her life. That way she could take care of Grandma and Grandpa when they got old. Debbie felt at home there.

To be continued.

Thanks for visiting, and be safe out there.





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