Amy is an outdoor kinda girl,  her boyfriend Darren was also fond of outdoor adventures.

Amy had always wanted to go whitewater rafting but, had always excused the adventure away. She often thought of how great it would be to tame the wild water. She tried to wipe the thought from her mind but the idea would never go away. That afternoon Amy called a rafting company that ran trips down mighty Colorado River. She did not mention the reservation she made, as she was giving the tickets to Darren for his birthday the next week.

rafting 12.jpeg

Darren’s birthday had arrived, Amy prepared dinner and had Darren’s present wrapped and ready for him to open. Soon present time arrived. Amy was very excited about giving Darren his present. She had bought two helmets for the trip. Amy asked Darren to put out his hands, close his eyes and don’t peek. She had wrapped the reservation tickets in the helmet Darren would have to wear. She wrapped the gift in a paper that had whitewater rafters on it. Amy figured he would never guess what his gift was. Tip-toeing across the wood floor Amy put the gift in Darren outreached hands. You can open your eyes now. “Open it open it,” Amy said. Darren fumbled with the paper while Amy was near ready to burst and tell him what his gift was.

rafting 9.jpeg

The paper fell to the floor as Darren’s mouth made a perfect letter O, and his eyes looked at the gift, then Amy. “Are you kidding?” he said, “We are going?” “Really!” His reaction was just what Amy had wanted. Time passed quickly and the day was upon them. They packed their bags, jumped in the car and they were off.

rafting sights.jpeg

The resort was amazing, with a view of the rushing river. In the morning they would head to a place where they would enter the river. The sun reflected off the blue water. It was a beautiful spot and the excitement was off the scale, butterflies seemed to dance in Amy’s stomach. A short demo was presented and questions were answered by the experts. With helmets on and life jackets secure, a head count was taken while everyone began loading up. This was it. No turning back.


As we paddled, the river began to move faster, and the waves began getting higher and higher. Off to the rear of our raft on the rocks was a bear looking at everyone with a, “dinner is served” look on his face. “Paddle faster” was heard loud and clear. Faster and faster the river ran.

rafting bear.jpeg

All of a sudden we were tossed to the left then to the right as the water washed over them, Amy held onto the ropes of the raft for dear life. It felt like she had drunk a gallon of water all at once. Darren was laughing and trying to paddle the water when it came close to the raft. Up and down, tossing left then right then up and down. The ride was like riding a wild bull at the rodeo. She loved every minute of the ride.  They soon came to a quiet part of the river and pulled their rafts onto the shore of a quiet beach. Chatter came from every direction as people talked about the rocks the waves of water that washed over them each time the raft dove under the waves.

rafting 8.jpeg

A lunch was served and the groups loaded up again, this time the rough water was right there as they entered the river. The water ran deeper this time and the waves were much higher. The raft ahead flew high on top of a wave. It made a sharp turn and three people went into the water. Amy was freaking and hung onto the ropes even tighter than before. A wave crashed against the raft with great force. Amy held tight as a person went over the side. The foamy water seemed to swallow them up as it threw them over the rocks like a rag doll.  Water filled the raft and Amy was freaking out, she had to hold it together. Once the river had calmed down somewhat the tall rock walls could be seen and such beauty was hard not to enjoy.

rafting 6.jpegrafting 7.jpegrafting eaten by the river.jpeg

The rest of the trip on the river was just as amazing as earlier that day. Finally, the rafts were docked on a sandy beach while buses lined up to shuttle the groups to their resorts. This day was one to remember and Amy had met the river and survived.


The end.

Thanks for visiting and be safe out there.

20160207_220510000_iOS.jpg  Mags.

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