Bake a cake

The kitchen is the hub of a home, the same for the Crawford family.

The Crawford family live a normal life, like the rest of us. They own a home in a child-oriented neighbourhood with four children, a dog named Twister, and a cat named Freeman.  The children range from ages six to thirteen. Louis the oldest, Gretta eleven, Fran ten, and Jorden six.

Burt worked at a factory not far from home, Angela was a stay home Mom who ran a small computer business from home. Louis is an athletic young man who loved track, football, soccer and played tennis with his friends after school. Gretta is a tomboy and sports of any kind are her passion. Fran, on the other hand, was your usual girly girl who loved helping Mom around the house especially in the kitchen. Jorden is just a little boy who had no decision what he liked the most. Helping Mom with anything is usually his daily routine, Jorden would start off helping but soon after would find the toys on the floor to be much more fun than helping. His attention span had not yet begun to show.

Cooking in the kitchen is one event that the whole family took time to meet in the kitchen and whip up a meal with dessert. Today was no exception. Mom had gone shopping that day to get all the items required for the kitchen event. It all got very crowded crazy and messy when family cooking came around. The menu had been agreed upon the night before.


The menu includes tacos, Caesar salad, barbecued chicken wings (Dad’s special) cheese and crackers on a plate, (Fran, and Jorden’s creation), honey garlic meatballs (Louis’s special), taco chips and a dynamite spinach dip (Gretta’s invention), pickles, olives, pickled onions, and the best part of all desert. Mom was the baker who made cakes to tickle the palate. The decoration of the cake had been left to the children who seemed to be pretty creative.


Time had come and the kitchen was abuzz with laughter, singing, clanging of dishes, pots and pans, and the odd dish or glass that found its way onto the floor but, not always in pieces. The kitchen was the most exciting place in the house.  Jorden always became very excited when the cooking event came along. Mom wondered each time if Jorden had found his focus, but after the event was over Jorden became a six-year-old fella again.


After about an hour or so the food was well on its way and the highlight of the event the day was about to begin. The cake is vanilla with raspberry cream filling, the frosting was the first job to be done. This was no longer Mom’s worry as the children took over she sat watching at the table which was set up beautifully. With whipping¬†cream¬†in the mixer, it was started then icing sugar came next. A poof of white powder filled the air as white covered faces could be heard laughing from behind the mixer. The powder enhanced the already remains of sauces, barbeque sauce, and slashes and spilt foods on each child.


Decorating was set up with sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. The icing had found its way onto the cake and on the decorators. Jorden sat in the corner with one of the beaters in his hand he was covered in icing. His hands his face even on his nose and in his hair, and down the front of a once clean shirt. The other beater was held by Fran she was cleaner, compared to Jorden. The icing was hanging off the walls, counters, stove, fridge and even the children. Gretta had not turned off the mixer before taking it out the bowl. Icing topped all the bits of food splattered everywhere. Thank goodness Mom was going to have help to clean up after the meal was over.


With the cake finished it looked beautiful. Chocolate sauce drizzled down the sides and on top of the cake and sprinkles strategically placed. Made the cake picture perfect.

The family adventure had been excellent and everyone looked forward to the next adventure, whatever that might be!

The End.

Thanks for visiting and be safe out there.

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