Amusement park

I’m sure we all can remember our first trip to the Amusement park. You can daydream about all the rides you will go on.

Excitement had been consuming the minds of Dom and Jess, two very active children. To these restless children, the week has taken too long to get to Saturday and the adventure of a lifetime. Mom and Dad, on the other hand, were dreading this day and all the excitement contained within their two active children.

The night before the trip Dom and Jess could hardly sleep. Sleep took a long time to come. They whispered to each other about all the rides that they were going to try out. Finally, sleep found them and ” boom” they went to sleepy land.

Mom was busy in the kitchen getting all food items ready for the next morning. Mom had made ham and roast beef sandwiches, potato salad, and a delicious dessert. A luscious lemon pie the favourite of everyone in the family. After Mom had finished preparing for the next day she made her way down a narrow hallway getting to the bedroom and cuddling up to Dad she fell asleep.

Dom and Jess were up with the call of the rooster. The smiles on their faces made Mom and Dad chuckle a little bit. Dad asked if they were ready to have a busy fun day? Dom and Jess were jumping up and dancing like two little fools. Dom asked, ” when are we leaving? ” Dad said as soon as we eat breakfast get dressed, load the car then we will be on our way. Everyone sat chatting back and forth as they ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and juice. Once everyone was finished the table was cleared dishes were done and it was time to wash up and get dressed.

breakfast plate.png

Everyone loaded up into the car and they were off. It was going to be at least an hour till they would arrive at the park. The children were quiet and playing the games Mom had brought along for the trip. The time seemed to take forever it was like a slow drip of water falling from the tap. Finally, they were there, everyone was in awe of the size of some of the rides. All they could hear was people screaming. All that Dom and Jess could only say ” WOW! ”


The line to get into the park was fairly long but moved very quickly. A burly man at the gate put a bracelet each family members arm. He explained that the bracelet would get out of the part for lunch then back inside the park.

imagesK2S35KP4.jpglegs dangling ride.jpg

Right inside was a ride that the family had never seen before. People would be strapped into a sling. Then pulled up into the air. Once high enough in the air they stopped. What was going on, how would they get down from there? Dad said. No sooner than said the pair were dropped, heading right for them. Mom ran screaming Dad backed away while Jess and Dom hit the ground. Swoop, swish, then very loud screams filled the air. The children looked up to see the people swinging back and forth through the air without even touching them. People were laughing and cheering. The couple came to a halt, then lowered to the ground, their harnesses off and the next couple was being strapped into the sling.

under somethingman-looking-up1.png


They laughed and moved down the path to another ride. This one was a roller coaster that seemed to climb high in the air before dropping them towards the ground. Both children wanted to ride in the first car so they moved to the first line. Dom and Jess said they wanted to be in the first car. When their turn finally came Dom and Jess plopped down in the two middle seats, while Mom and Dad got in on either side of children. With a tiny tug the ride started to move ahead, higher and higher it climbed, the family could see the entire park at this height. Here we go, someone said as the ride dropped straight down gaining speed as it moved along the tracks. A mounted camera clicked pictures of the people and the look on their faces and purchase at the end of the ride. Up, then down a turn tossed them to one side of the seat, around the next bend, squish into the other side. There were no sounds coming from the children as they hung on for dear life. Up another high climb then down again. The ride started to slow down entering the same place they had got on.

upside down.jpg

The children were giggling as the family headed for the wall of pictures and there they were. Dom had his mouth wide open, his eyes were bulging, his hair was standing straight up, and his fingers were white from the death grip he had on the bar of the seat. Jess, on the other hand, had her arms waving she laughed loudly with her dark hair blowing in the wind. Mom and Dad seemed to be having a blast. They just had to get a picture.


One ride after the other, they made their way through the park. Dad spoke up and said he was hungry and ready to eat. Heading to the gate they made their way out of the park for lunch. Sitting and chatting as they ate lunch and had a short nap before heading back for more fun.

ham.jpglemon pie.jpg

This day was a wonderful day for having fun at the Amusement Park.


The end.

Thank you for visiting be safe out there.

20160207_220510000_iOS.jpg Mags.

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