If only I could

If only I could, I would live in the time of dinosaurs. I would be a great hunter, supplying meat to eat for dinner, and if that did not work out, I would learn to run as fast as my two feet could carry me. I’d run away from that dinosaur before I became meat to eat for his dinner.

dino big scary.jpgdino 6.pngcave mna hunting.jpgcaveman running.jpgraptor.jpg

If I could, I would be a space traveller, in my rocket headed for the moon. I’d greet all the monsters that live there, I’d bring them home to play. Big monsters small monsters wearing wigs, tall monsters short monsters dressed in pink doing a jig standing on a fig. Red monsters green monsters with tails, wearing veils covered in spiders. I’d parade them down the main street to the ice-cream shop. We’d eat ice-cream while people screamed with their hands in the air and their hair everywhere.

rocket-ship.jpgmonsters 3.jpg

ice cream 1.pngice cream 2.jpg

If I could, I would be a millionaire standing over there, by a bush giving someone a push. I’d wear colours of the rainbow with shoes of blue, while I stand in doggie poo. I’d rent a tower for an hour, inviting all my friends to come to play in the hay, in the month of May. I’d swim in a lake, eat cake the one I had to bake, I’d sit by a ditch twirling a switch I found in the ditch.

pile of money.jpgclourful shirt.jpg

blue shoes.jpgtower.png

If I could, I would be a movie star dressed in leather looking at a feather, wondering what the weather would be. Is someone looking at me, I can hear a tee hee hee, looking at me drinking a tea crossing my knees cause I have to pee? I’d pucker my lips blowing a kiss, oh my goodness I missed. Driving my car I won’t go too far, just over by that car.

movie star in leather.jpgfeather.png

blowing a kiss.jpggirl in car.jpg

If I could, I would be a puppy all furry and fuzzy, I’d lick faces in different places. I’d sniff a butt or two, don’t bend over Sue, I would chase that ball and even my tail. I’d growl and howl at the moon, wishing my master would come home soon. I’d chew and chew a stinky old shoe, I’d be on guard while pooping in your yard, I would run and jump leaving you in a lump on the floor. I’d hump your leg and “yes” I will beg. My eyes will be on you for that steak that you chew, I’ll bark, don’t you see me? I will bark not mew cause this ain’t a cat looking at you. I will scratch and drag my butt over your floor, give me that steak or maybe that cake. I will be loyal to the end slow down at the bend. I’ll ride in your car, my head out the window my tongue in the wind, come on let’s go around the block again.

puppy licking face.jpgstanding guard dog.jpg


humping leg.jpgdog in car.jpg

The End.

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Be safe out there.

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