Debbie and Bob sat in their backyard looking at all the dandelions that seem to be taking over the grass beneath their feet.

The fight is the same every year the sprays the trying to dig them out of the ground seems to feel like a hopeless fight. It’s like waking up day after day reliving the same nightmare over and over. Bob was about ready to give up as his body was not happy with the torture it endured each spring.

He was starting to have dreams of dandelions that were taking over the world. In his dreams, Bob is trying to run away, when all of a sudden Bob is in the clutches of the biggest dandelion he has ever seen. The creature was hideous it had slobber running down its stem and the flower had a human leg in it.  He looked closer and it had a set of sharp pointy teeth. Blood was dripping from the leg, splashing on his face. The leaves had large claws that were squeezing the life out of him. He could hear a scream coming from somewhere, but he could not figure out what it was. He finally regained consciousness realizing, the scream was coming from his mouth. Sweat was pouring down his red face while the combination of blood and sweat made his eyes burn. Bob was determined to kill this monster before it ate him.  Bob could see the sharp teeth of the monster get closer and closer Bob was shaking terribly and was wet from sweat or was that slobber? He started screaming at the top of his lungs.

man running scard.jpgplant driping slobber.jpg

He opened his eyes and seen she was watching him. She had a very concerned look on her face. Bob tried to explain what was in his dream but, no words passed over his lips. “Are you okay?” his wife asked Bob he answered ” yes” then laid back down afraid to close his eye for fear the monster would be there.


In the Bob explained what he could remember about the recurring dream.  Debbie was quite concerned. That day postcards came from friends who were on a sunny vacation. The colour of the water looked so inviting, plus the happy greetings on the card gave Debbie a wonderful idea.

palm tree beach.jpg

Debbie called a lawn service to come and spray the dandelions, so Bob didn’t have to worry about them anymore. She let Bob know the lawn service was coming so you don’t have to worry anymore.

Bob and Debbie sat and talked while reading the postcards they had received.  Debbie suggested that they should get away from the dandelions and take a warm tropical vacation. Bob was excited about the suggestion. With a quick phone call, they arranged to see a travel agent to plan their trip.  Bob took Debbie in his arms gently kissing her cheek and said, ” what would I do without you?”

Bob slept better that evening with knowing the dandelion monster would never return.

plant driping slobber.jpgscard man.jpg

Debbie and Bob went on that trip to the sandy beaches and tropical breezes and had what they call a ” second honeymoon. ”

peole sitting at beach.jpg


The end.

Thanks for visiting.

God bless and be safe out there.


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