Get out.

Each day that goes by was a chance to get out and explore the world around you.

Allison and Oliver Plunkett, are your normal couple who live in a small quaint cottage at the end of Mustard Drive, Sausage Ontario.

The couple had never had children but had a Mohair shire dog named Wiggles. Wiggles is kind of like a child to them without the changing of dirty diapers. Wiggles is a medium-legged dog who has a green eye and an orange eye. His fur is silky but so so short, his paws are the size of mangos, which is the reason he trips over his own feet most of the time. His bark sounds like a squeaky little mouse being caught by the cat. He’s a very strange looking dog but fills the Plunkett home with constant excitement. He cuddles most of the time curling up right between Allison and Oliver. He loves to sit between them.

small quaint cottage

Allison is a beautiful lady with long dark hair and a fair complexion, she is tall and lanky, with a slender build. Allison was a teacher before she retired she misses the children and conversations she had with the students. Her glasses are bright pink which is her favourite colour, so are greens, oranges, with whites and purples are her choices “only because” she likes them. Her voice is soft but can rise to a booming blast if needed. Everybody that met Allison fell in love with her and her colour pallet. It didn’t seem to bother them.

On the other hand, Oliver is a fine gentleman who likes blacks, blues, and greys for colour choices in clothing. He is pretty bland compared to his wife. He is English with a moustache that hung slightly over the edge of his top lip. His eyes are ice blue, with long lashes surrounding both eyes. He was shorter than Allison by ten inches. He has retired and loves to watch TV and eat food. His favourite show is “Young and  lip locked.” He uses reading glasses which are black rimmed with a small bit of white tape in the middle to hold them together. He sat on them when Wiggles jumped up to give him sloppy kisses.

Oliver and Allison met while on a blind date and fell in love at first sight. It’s been twenty-eight years since they met and their love is still the same.  Allison wanted to start going out on the walking trails near the Oakland Lake, the place had many stops along the way which gave information on the area and surrounding lake. Lots of great things to learn about where you live. It gave the depth of the lake it’s temperature with mention of any historical homes along the shores of the lake. Oliver came to love the walks, with Allison and their puppy Wiggles.


They started to walk the paths of the Uptown Park then branched out to other parks and forests. Now they have made walking a major part of their lives and wiggles life too.

The couple encourages others to make a change for the better.

The End.

God bless and be safe out there.




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