Waterfront walk

The day had started off as any other. The heat of the day before had drifted away, now there was a cool breeze blowing.

It was the kind of day that brought on the urge to get out for a walk along the waterfront. The weatherman had called for rain but it was beautiful outside plus there were no clouds in sight. Arriving at the waterfront was not as congested as we had anticipated. The crowds were, just not there but we had no problem with the lack of people.


20180526_191246689_iOS.jpgThe cool breeze that was blowing earlier in the day had become stronger. The sky was turning darker with every minute. I guess the weatherman was right the rain was going to come our way. The wind was blowing so hard now that a woman with an umbrella was fighting to hold onto it. She was of a slight build maybe only four-foot three inches tall. She looked to be one hundred and five pounds soaking wet. Her hair kept lashing her face making it hard for her to see where she was going. Her feet looked wet as she slashed through the growing puddles, the water coming from her shoes bounced up the back of her legs as her dress hugged her body tightly due to the strong wind.

The rain started to pour down in buckets. A lady came to rescue her helping to keep her from lifting off the ground. She held on tightly to the ladies arm while both of them fought the wind for the umbrella. Her Rescuer was much taller, I would say about five foot five inches. She was much heavier handling the umbrella with ease. Her hair was being tossed around her face making it harder for either of them to see as they quickened their steps. I watched as they disappeared around the corner.

The rain could be seen on the water as the geese paddled in delight. They did not seem to be bothered by the pouring rain. The Black clouds with a few lightning sticks were too close for comfort, rumbling like thunder and catching the attention of everyone at the waterfront.20180526_191534446_iOS.jpg

The Waterfront was beautiful even if the rain was forcing people to take cover under a tent or running for their cars. People could be seen with hair sticking tightly to their heads water was dripping down their faces with clothes saturated from the rain.

Once the rain had passed people who rode out the storm emerged from their hiding places. The waterfront was alive once again. People of all sizes and shape walked the trails leading to babbling streams, greenery, and flowers of bright yellows, reds and purples. The water was soothing while they stood on the bridge watching the waterfalls.






20180526_191806105_iOS.jpgOur waterfront is a very calming place to take your time and walk away from your stress.

The end.

Thanks for stopping by.

God bless and stay safe out there.




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