The cat lady

Mary sue is a beautiful lady with a wide inviting smile.

Her eyes are of the deepest  light blue I have ever had the pleasure of looking into. Her nose was of medium size with a slight twist to the right of her face. When asked Mary Sue would say she ran into a wall in the middle of the night, but never had the nose fixed and has grown to love the twist. Her face was round with chubby cheeks that hid two cute dimples that one could only see when she smiled.

images3.jpg    Mary Sue her cat, Bobby.

Mary Sue was a only a mere five foot nothing. Her grayish hair there was one section of hair that would sneak down in front of her left eye. Mary Sue would just let a puff of air out that make the hair fly away. Her hands were stubby with small fingers, she had a cute figure and feet that might have been a size eight.

Mary Sue was always dressed in pretty dress with a sweater. When you see her outside she always wore a straw hat with a wide brim and flower scattered all over it. Mary Sue is a nice lady who would always give each passer by a delightful hello, with a queen style wave. She would often sat in her rocker beside a small table that had a cloth over it and a cup of tea and a plate of cookies for the children that often stopped by on their way home from school.

The first time I saw Mary Sue she was standing by the railing of her porch with a cat draped over her arm. The cat was licking it’s paw while purring load enough to be heard from the side walk. Mary Sue gestured to me in a tiny voice “come visit.”  Checking my watch for the time I headed towards the porch. As I approached I could see three other cats laying on the porch watching her every move.


She put out her hand for me to shake that turned into a warm hug. Her perfume is sweet and smelled like the roses in her garden. I could not tell Mary Sue’s age as she was so sweet that I took her to be fifty to sixty years of age. I introduced myself as I sat in a chair on the other side of the table. Mary Sue shuffled her way to her chair and sat down.



“A cup of tea” Mary Sue asked. I said of course, please. The tea was strong but very tasty, a small cookie was place at the side of my tea cup. I thanked her as she introduced me to her cats Mr Duck, Miss Ellie, Jasper, and Bobby. As we sat chatting four other cats appeared from around the corner, Mary Sue said these four were her new babies, John, Dorthy, Anna, and Bella. Each cat rubbed against her leg as they purred softly.


You could see Mary Sue was a very kind and gentle lady. With her hand extended she brushed her fingers through each cats fur. I could see four little sets of eyes trying to peek through crack in the door. The door opened and there stood the cutest little kittens I had ever seen. I found myself smiling and trying to get their attention.  They were all running and jumping on top of the other cats on the porch. The kittens bolted away and up a tree in the yard. They jumped and rolled in the grass as kittens would do. I watched them in amazement when all of a sudden one of the kittens jumped straight up to the railing tapping me on the cheek while he scurried by. His little back was hunched little a big old scary cat at Hollow’en while he walked side ways towards me. I let out a laugh that startled him. He took off like a bolt of lighting had hit him on the tail.  I watched their antics as they swung at bugs going by. They were jumping, crawling, rolling, and do the scary cat walk.






100_1569 (1).JPGI could have sat there forever and watch them play. Mary Sue said those were the wild bunch Cassidy, Butch,  Billy, and Side Winder. Mary Sue loved each cat, even the wild bunch. Time flew by as we talked and watched the kittens frolic in the grass. I was so content that I did not notice the sun fading slowly behind the moon.

I bid Mary Sue a good night and headed for the side walk but, before I could get away I was attacked by the wild bunch. They had my laces in their mouths pulling me as one kitten climbed my pant leg. I tickled them all and went on my way.

Mary Sue was for sure a cat lady.

The end.

Thanks for stopping bye.

God bless and be safe out there.


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