One summer day

The day was very hot and sticky, the kind of heat you try to get away from.

As the day dragged on the temperature started to raise¬†a degree each hour. Janet wished she had a nice cool pool to spend her day in as an idea came to her while she was doing the dishes. “Ah,” she said, I have a better idea that would be fun for any of her friends¬†that wanted to tag along.

Janet grabbed the phone and sat in her favourite chair rummaging through a pile of papers that covered the whole top of the coffee table. Janet is well known for not having the ability to organize her life let alone organize a proper phone list.


Finally, Janet found a page with scribbled numbers and names on it. She started calling her friends one after the other. Janet got a hold of five friends making plans to meet at the local coffee shop as no one had ever come over to Janet’s home. She stumbled her way through the trash and found a bathing suit, towel, blanket, then put on clean clothes.

Janet arrived at the coffee shop where five smiling faces greeted her. Janet sat down running over the plan. Janet told her friends that she knew where a waterfall went over the rocks and into a cool pool of water. All the friends agreed to pack up in one car and head for this place.

They stopped at the grocery store stocking up on food, drinks, then loading them into their backpacks. While loading the car, Janet noticed Natalie had packed a couple tents, six sleeping bags and camping gear. Fred chuckled as he asked Natalie why she brought the camping gear? Natalie smiled widely and said just in case it got too late they could camp there overnight.

Loading up in the car everyone loved Natalie’s idea. Off they went heading for the forest. Before they knew it they were there. The smell¬†of musty leaves plus moss filled the air, along with the sound of trickling water. Janet said that the falls were just ahead. The rays of the sun streaking¬†through the trees showing a calm brook running downhill.sun rays.jpg Following the brook,¬†they arrived at the bottom of the falls. Everyone stood with mouths wide open staring at the falls. It was beautifully inviting, while in a matter of minutes shoes were coming off as Rose, Fred, Natalie, and Wendy went running into the water. Screams of joy could be heard through the trees. Janet and Howard stood watching¬†the others frolick in the water.

waterfalls and three people.jpg

Janet and Howard followed the rest running into the cool water. Fred found a short patch of waterfalls that they could slide down on ending up in the water. One after the other the group took turns sliding into the water below. Soon, hunger crept in and everyone took the time to sit on the rocks at the sides of the falls enjoying lunch. The sounds of happy laughter and chatting filled the warmth of the forest.

The splashing of water was happening again. No one was thinking of time as the sun started going down. Wendy asked everyone if it was time to set up camp and have supper? Everyone agreed that it was a good idea. Fred said we can camp here or beside the brook. The brook was the choice and camp was set up as a  fire was being lit. Hot dogs were roasted over the fire with Smoores as the desert of the evening. Everyone agreed that the day had been a blast as songs were sang, others headed into the tents and slept like babies.

There is nothing like friends and wonderful times.

The end.

Thank you for stopping by.

God bless and be safe out there.


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