This is war

I have been attacked again. I don’t believe it. Once now than a second time.

This is war! I have always loved all kinds of animals even the two-legged kind! The only thing with this kind of animals thinks it can play with the plants I have in my garden. I plant them for the beauty they bring to the backyard of this house. So when company visits we can bask in the calming beauty and fragrance of the flowering plants

Previously I wrote about a pair of bandits who attacked my Mother’s Day gift. It is a very beautiful rose tree that is actually called a “Knock Out.” This rose tree lost seven flowers plus buds. It would have been better if these culprits had eaten what they picked from the tree but, “NO!” Not these pair of thieves “oh no” they go and tare the buds plus flowers and scatter them, leaving them for me to find. I’m sure you by now know just who I’m talking about?

“Yes,” you are right that pair of bandit squirrels those defiant rodents. GRRR! They’ve done it this time. I just have to do something! I don’t mind them dumping all the bird seed on the ground I have plenty other critters that share the bird seed.

I tried to stop them by putting these plastic spiky things on top of the feeder in the hopes that I could stop them from this practice. But, “NO” That didn’t work they are too darn smart. The black one is very cheeky but the grey-white is not as brave. They remind me of Mutt and Jeff a cartoon I watched as a child I thought they were very funny but these two take the cake.

The spiky things did not work, now I have built a cage around the rose tree. I used four long stakes, chicken wire, green fencing and wire to weave everything together. As you can see I spent a lot of time on this cage. It ain’t pretty but, I think it will work.

“Yes, Yes Yes” it worked I did it! The cage made it through one night and a whole day. “Yahoo!” Now I just have to teach these monsters a lesson in don’t mess with me.

The end.

Thanks for dropping by.

God bless, be safe out there.


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