Cottage Holiday

Having a cottage holiday can be so much fun. No matter what the weather maybe there is always a nice dry warm place to sleep.

Maggie and Alex had never been to a cottage for a holiday the only camping they did was by tent. This was  going to be amazing. To be away from the hustle and bustle of the city was a rewarding treat. Maggie was very excited, “heck” she even had her suitcase almost packed and it was still a week and a half till they left.  The thought of being in a warm cozy cottage also made Alex excited too. His suitcase was not even started Alex would always say “I will get it done later.”

Time seemed to drag on for Maggie she wanted to go, like yesterday. The weeks went by and finally the day to leave was at hand. Maggie went over the list of things we needed to bring. She took her time going over each item and checking them off the list. Suitcase “check” food “check” Pop and drinks “check” warm sweaters “check and check again.” Alex had put doth suitcases in the car and was on his way into the house to pick up more stuff. Maggie was checking to make sure the cameras were on and lights were set to come on and off through the day. Keys needed to be dropped off so the son could check in to make sure all was good while they were away.

Maggie and Alex piled into the car dropped off the keys then off to the cottage. The drive seem like forever, but soon they arrived at the resort heading to the office to check in then off to their cottage. Cars were not allowed at the cottages and a wagon was given to transport their things into the cottage.

The cottage was quaint but welcoming. Inside was a kitchen living room bathroom and one bedroom. The cottage was built half on a large rock and half on soil the rock was large with a picnic table was perched on top of the rock. Oh, “we have no idea who that lady could be she jumped on the table and Alex took the picture.”  Tee Hee Hee!

The grounds were beautiful with flowers that led you to a dock that over looked the lake. On the lake diamonds seemed to be dancing on each small ripple of the water. A canoe was off to the side for their use. Canoeing was something Alex and Maggie wanted to do. The grounds were very quiet due to most of the campers had gone home. Alex wanted to go after the crowds were gone and school being in was the  perfect time.

The next day the sun was shining brightly so it was time to go out for a paddle on the lake. Pulling the canoe  into the water was easier said then done. It seemed much heavier than expected. Finally in the water life jackets on they headed out to explore the lake. The water shimmered with what seemed to diamonds on the surface.

Alex and Maggie where awed by the cottages that dotted the shores. One by one they paddled past beautiful cottages. As they came to one cottage Maggie could see a statue of a Moose.

His colors were amazing he was painted to be seen by any passer by. He did attract attention! Moving on Maggie and Alex paddled and paddled enjoying the calm water and the beautiful sun shine.

Maggie and Alex came upon a bridge with traffic and decide they should turn back and head back to the resort. They loved the trip so far but, all was to change in a big hurry! The once beautiful sun had disappeared behind clouds, lots of clouds. The water turned a grey color the wind changed blowing in their direction. Small waves began to surface on the water.

Staying close to the shore was the only way getting back was possible. Many times the winds blew them into docks while Alex and Maggie struggled to move ahead. By the time the dock was in sight Alex was exhausted and Maggie felt like her arms would fall off at any moment. Being on land was a treat. Heading to their cottage both muttered how they both had doubts about getting back safely.

It was quite cool the next morning and a fog had set in over the dock. The fog was spooky the feeling of the resort changed.

Cuddling up on the couch and listening to music was a good way to spend this day.

In no time the week had passed and the time to go home was here. Sitting on the porch not talking just listening to the water and the trees while smiling at each other they agreed this was a beautiful place to stay.

With much sadness they packed their car and headed home. Maggie said,”I want to go back there very soon.” Alex agreed.

The end

Thanks for stopping by and be safe out there.




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