Who ate my roses?

I woke from a wonderful dream about a beautiful day bathed in bright warm sunlight.  I stumbled my way out of the room down the stairs and straight to the kettle. I like my mug of peppermint tea, it wakes me up and helps me to face the day.

With my hot tea in my hands, I headed for the porch to listen to the birds chirping at the bird feeder. I opened the curtains to gaze upon a beautiful sunlit day. The breeze was a little on the cool side, so I slipped back into the house to fetch a warm sweater. Awe, the sweater felt warm and cosy.  I sat down on a nice comfortable chair and sipped on my tea. My eyes had finally opened and things around me looked very normal. Yes, it was a beautiful day.

While scanning the gardens with many types of plants, my eyes came to the new plants that sat in the far corner of the porch. My eyes widened, my face became flushed, and my lips muttered words that are not to be used around children. I could feel my body warming as my blood pressure spiked. Who could have done such a terrible thing? I was very upset looking at the rose petals scattered on the porch.


Some of the roses on the rose bush were gone. Seven roses and rosebuds had been chewed off, rose petals were tossed to the floor as well as the ground.  I was not happy.

IMG_0653 (2).JPG

Checking my other plants on the porch I found buds on another plant half chewed off. They must have had a very bitter taste because whoever it was, never ate the flowers.


The thing that really made it worst was the carnation that was on the table had been chewed off. The cup with water in it was not spilt. This must have been a very skilled James Bond type of critter who pulled off this destruction


Something caught my eye to my left. There on the floor of the porch where the petals of the carnation scattered all over the place. That was it, I had to find out what it was that had maliciously torn and ate my beautiful flowers.


There was dirt thrown on the floor from my snapdragons container. It had started to dig holes in the soil. Grrrrrr! I set my sights on the video surveillance camera that covered the backyard area. I grabbed my cell phone and began my hunt. I found three different videos, two of them showed the culprit with the evidence in its mouth. The same video showed its partner in the crime.


This was the bandit who did the destruction, his partner in crime was a little grey squirrel. Now that I know who did this I will have to find a way to keep my plants safe from the flower-eating bandits.

It’s clear to me that the sunshine and cool breezes bring out the beautiful and the beasts.

The end.

God bless and be safe out there.

Thanks for stopping by.




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