Down on the farm #3

Millie didn’t seem to have any luck with that gander¬†yesterday. I wonder what story she will tell us today.

Millie has begun another day but, it is the day she gets to relax and enjoy life on the farm. It’s a great day to take her horse for a ride. She called her horse Frisky Freddie. Freddie was an Appaloosa with plenty of spirit. He liked to run in his pasture along with a Shetland pony named Burt. Burt was the total opposite of Freddie. Burt spent his time munching on grass or laying in the warm sun or in the shade of an apple tree. Burt was not much for activity. While Millie stood at the fence of the pasture, Millie’s mom came out to ask her if she could ride Burt. ” Well ” Millie could ride her horse so why not the pony?

Millie opened the gate to the pasture talking to Burt as she came closer. Millie rode bareback and figured a bridle was not needed either. Petting Burt softly and talking to him in a soothing voice. Millie swung her leg over Burt and gently sat down. Millie was a tall five foot seven girl with long arms and legs. She was way too tall to be riding Burt.¬† All of a sudden, Burt became aware of someone on his back. “Well”, Burt took off like a flash with Millie trying to hold on for dear life. Millie¬†had wrapped Burt’s mane around her hand to get a good hold. Millie had tucked her legs up against Burt’s sides. Burt shot right, Millie recovered from that turn then Burt made a mad dash for the apple tree. Millie was not ready for that move. Millie’s legs were no longer against Burt’s sides as they were up in the air flailing around in the wind. Millie had one hand lose and was waving like the Queen in a parade. Millie was screaming for Burt¬†to stop but, he just kept heading for the tree. Millie really wasn’t prepared¬†for what happened next. Burt reared up and Millie went flying, hitting the ground with a big thud.¬† Burt was standing next to her watching her on the ground. Millie was sure Burt had a smirk on his face as if to say “no one rides me.”

Millie picked herself up off the ground dusted off her clothes and started for the gate. Her pride was bruised as well as her body. Looking up as she walked Millie could see not just her mom but everyone else along the fence laughing hysterically and gesturing a riding position. Everyone taunted Millie for the rest of the day.  Millie was feeling like the clown in the family just there to amuse them. A nice long ride on Freddie is what she needed and to get away from a family of crazy people.

Millie was preparing her bridle for Freddie to wear. The wind had begun to pick up speed as it began whipping the branches¬†on the apple tree. Apples were flying everywhere along with branches and leaves. Freddie became spooked when an apple hit him on the haunches. His noise flared wide as he took a big breath and began running at full speed, clearing the seven-foot fence which surrounded the pasture. Millie headed off down the road chasing Freddie, frantically¬†calling his name. Freddie stopped and watched Millie as she came closer. Millie said come on let’s go home but when Millie raised the bridle to put it on Freddie he turned walking away from her. Freddie did this on Millie another three times. Millie turned her back and said fine if you don’t want to come home then poo on you. Millie moved the bridle in a gesture that said, go away. Millie began to walk home in the ditch beside the road. Finally, Millie felt a nudge on her shoulder. It was Freddie letting her know he was with her. Millie placed the bridle on Freddie. While heading home Millie talked to Freddie all the way.¬† By the time they arrived home supper was ready. Millie put Freddie in his stall gave him some oats and headed for the house.

Millie had an eventful day down on the farm and was ready for bed. That night she dreamed of the Green Acers farm.

As you have read, living on a farm can have next to no boring days.

The End …

God Bless and be safe out there.

Thanks for reading.


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