Winding Tracks

Have you ever had a desire to follow that railroad track?

As a young child, I was constantly playing around the railroad tracks. Sure, Mom always told us that playing there was very dangerous. But, I was always drawn to that place. I often wonder where the tracks would lead us.

What kind of adventures where there down the line?

It was early in the morning. Mom had packed us a lunch and some cool drinks. We set out to meet some friends,  they lived a short distance from our house.

We were going on a hike. My friend Julia, her brother George, and my little brother Albert, and of course myself. The four of us made our way to the old bridge where the railway tracks ran. Our excitement and energies were mounting.

Trudging along in the cool dampness of the fog, we finally arrived at the bridge. We were met by a wall of fog that had settled on the rails. The mist was very dense and we could not see through it. Our Minds raced.

What was behind the fog, a monster waiting to eat us, then pick his teeth with our bones. Or, was it a train coming our way with a speed too fast to run away from? All sorts of thoughts entered our minds as we looked at each other, mumbling words no one could understand. We armed ourselves with rocks and sticks to defend us against whatever was out there.

No one wanted to go first, so I pushed my way past the others yelling, “come on gang I will lead.” No one argued as I mounted the big posts that lay between the rails. It was the best place to walk. As we drew closer to the bridge, we noticed the writings on the walls. Were they a form of writing used by an ancient tribe that used to live here. Or, were they the writings of a gang of hooligans that hung out somewhere around here?

We trudged on entering the fog. We could only see a few steps in front of us, we all huddled closer together like a bee to honey. I could feel the wet running down my face, my heart was about to jump out of my chest. The silence was deafening. I could hear everyone else’s hearts beating.

As we walked on without a word spoken. We heard a noise in the bushes just off to our right side. We froze. Unable to move, our eyes locked on the bushes. They rustled back and forth. What was in those bushes?  I felt like it was fight or flight time and I was ready.

To be continued….

God bless and stay safe out there.

Thanks for reading.

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