Do you have any?

There are many forms of Phobias some are debilitating.

Phobias such as fear of spiders fear of birds fear of heights fear of water fear of small spaces fear of cats rats dogs and the list can go on and on. Most of the Phobias we experience are brought on by events from our past or even from a recent event.

It’s fears like this that leave us cowering in the corner curled tightly into a ball hoping that the cacoon we have imagined will keep us safe and sound. Some do a dance of fear that has us running for our lives. Sometimes the dance of fear will have others wondering what has happened to make you react in such a way.

I have a few of the fears mentioned above. The spider’s Phobia. Yes, it was from a previous event. I ran face first into a spider’s web. It did not contain one large spider but many tiny baby spiders. Oh yes, I did the fear dance with arms flailing while I ran. I must have had every squirrel rabbit chipmunk rolling around in laughter. So every time I see a spider that day comes flooding back. I also wonder if that spider was on my face or in my mouth while I slept. EWE!

I’ve never been good with heights. I tried once and only once to climb on the roof to help cleaning the gutters. Well, big mistake. I got up alright but the getting down or even moving was, out of the question.  I was frozen where I sat. With everyone giggling around me I was finally on the ground. Thanks for rescuing me guys.

Water being the pool or at the beach is also one of those past events. As a child, my father’s way of teaching you how to swim was to throw you off the dock and if you came up you knew how to swim. Well, guess what? I did not surface and had to be rescued once again. I sank like a rock drank lots of water and seen every little fishie while I sat on the bottom of the lake.

It’s weird how Phobias and past events can rule your life at times.

God bless and stay safe.


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