As I Read

A tiny tear falls from my eye.

Over the past while I have been reading about children in orphanages around the world.

There are many children that are abandon by their birth families. It breaks my heart to see the sad faces that stare back at you as if to say “pick me”. There are countless babies that were never held by the birth mother. She just walked away leaving her newborn in the hospital. Abandoned.

There are children in Africa that sit in these orphanages who have Aids. They will never be adopted and won’t have anyone to hold their tiny hands or hold them close as they die. For those little ones will never know life outside of the orphanage walls. They die when their little bodies become very sick. They pass away in silence.

There are toddlers with physical deformities that scared their parents away.  Knowing they could not give them the proper care they need. They are left with twisted bodies and minds that do not function properly. Unable to feed themselves play with other children or even speak an understandable word.

There are children with swelled bellies arms and legs too small to keep them erect. Starvation is the problem that has left children dying at an alarming rate. With very little food to feed families.

If not for the volunteers that spend time taking caring of these little people there would be a lot more sadness in this crazy world. the kindness of couples that want to adopt a child is great. Without these people to give love to these abandoned children, the child would have never felt love. Sadly enough too many children will never know love.

There are many organizations that can help the sick the starving and those who need medical attention.

We are the ones that need to stand up and ” Help ” others. Give today sponsor a child or two. Sponsor a village and give families hope and a brighter future.

Thank you for reading

God Bless


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