All the little ones


Have you ever wondered “Why”?

I’ve been reading a few articles while I was browsing. My heart sinks when I come across any entries that have little defenceless children involved. There are too many to read.

Some that broke my heart the most are nannies abusing children in their care. Yelling loudly at them throwing them around the room or on a bed. Hitting them and kicking them, shaking them till they pass out. Could you even fathom the fear this child has to deal with each day while being left in the hands of a so-called safe place?

Mom’s and Dad’s wondering why marks are appearing on their precious bundle of joy. Mostly why their child would scream and not want to leave the safeness of their parent’s arms. It’s a shame that the parents have to result in using baby cams to protect the child they love.

Then there are parents who live with their memories of past childhood time or because of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Or just because of their meanness towards someone associated with the child. Parents do make mistakes we all do. There are a lot of programs to help these parents deal with their negative actions towards their child or children.

How long do these children have to wait till someone comes forward and rescues them from the hell they live in each day?

I would have a hard time dealing with a father who uses his own child as a sex toy for his own pleasures.

A¬†Mother who hates the father of her child so much that she pushes a plastic bag into her son’s mouth then puts a plastic bag over his head and ties the bag in a knot. She puts her cigarette out on her babies arm all the while yelling at the baby telling him to tell his Daddy.

The Mom who runs off leaving her children to fend for themselves as she goes on holiday.

The cold-hearted father who posts his four-year-old daughter on the internet for sex at a price of one thousand dollars with conditions. Commenting that she has other holes.

These people are in need of a reality check.

We need to step up and remove these children out of danger.

The opinions in this article are all my opinions and of no one else’s.

God bless and be safe.

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